Apple iPhone covers

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iPhone 3/4/4S/5/5S/6/6S/7 carbon vinyl covers

Here we have a back cover for all iPhones (except the 6 /7 Plus)– in Black 'real' carbon fibre VINYL- the most authentic (and expensive) on the market and much thicker than printed carbon vinyl - the very best! Please use Google to look it up as some people think they are getting real carbon fibre.

Carbon Fibre vinyl is a flexible PVC film with a black woven carbon fibre pattern with a ridged feel to it. Designed with special adhesive and air release channels for faster bubble-free application, the carbon vinyl has excellent adhesion and flexibility, allowing it to be used with ease on many surfaces by complete novices.

This is the same vinyl they use on vehicle wraps so is very tough. 

Covers the back of the phone thus minimising scratching and generally protecting the case. Apple logo cut into rear vinyl reveals the silver design underneath so you don't loose that important logo! In fact, due the glass back and the thickness of the vinyl, the Apple logo gives a 3D effect when looked at from the side.

Also, importantly, the phone will still fit in the Apple cradle for the PC and all other cradles whether they be in the car or otherwise. A lot of protective covers annoyingly don't do this. There are holes for the camera and flash - be careful not to touch the back and especially the adhesive on these small areas.

The vinyl rear cover just needs to be removed from the backing and carefully aligned over the Apple logo and camera & flash holes. Press down, working from the middle outwards to make a perfect fit. 

 It does cover 95% of the back area and gives excellent protection and lasts over 10 times longer than the thinner covers - in fact the life of the phone I suspect. The pictures show the cover applied to my own iPhone 4.

If there are any doubts about application please contact us before you apply it as I can't refund a used cover.