GSX / F Bandit engine & sprocket cover set

  • Description

Made in 'real' carbon vinyl - suitable for the Suzuki GSX1250 / 650F and 650F Bandit - 9 pieces!  This is a ridged vinyl that will last 10 times longer than the other printed vinyl but is of course more expensive.

Made from carbon fibre vinyl (which is very expensive per metre), these decals help to enhance the large spaces found on the sprocket cover casing.

They come in 4 separate pieces and don't have a backing tape on as its best to peel them off and apply the film 'manually' so you can position them correctly. Make sure the surface is clean and free from dust - likewise your fingers as you don't want grease to lessen the effect of the adhesive.

The engine casing decals are made from carbon fibre vinyl too and these decals help to enhance the large spaces found on the casings.

The 'S' shown on the round decal is cut into the circle so will show silver when applied to the casing. It also comes with a same size 'S' in red in case you wish to have a different colour option.

The GSX650F logo comes in silver