• Description

Choose the country and then the resort, size, sport choice, colour and any extras.

Any resort not listed on the drop down menu that you require, please let us know and we can make that up for you at no extra charge.  

Rather like the race circuit outlines I make, the ski resort decals show where you've been and are designed to be small enough to stick on your helmet, boots, poles (maybe!), car, van, skiis or snowboard. Virtually every major ski resort around the world is listed so just choose the one ones you want.

Both ski and snowboard icons are available as is the option to have a helicopter if you've been heli-skiing!

There is a standard size which is around 55 x 45mm and the larger ones for car / van etc. are aroud 90 x 60mm. They are available in a range of colours which should be enough but if the choice you want is not shown let me know.

They can also be tailored to your own spec including date, maybe club or organisation, company etc. etc. Already had lots of interest with these so why not show off where you have been!